Eco-Filter Gives Back

Pet dander removal

Give back to our Four Legged Friends, they need your Support!

When you buy the ECO-FILTER, we believe that everyone should give back to the community.

We take our corporate responsibility very seriously and therefore we donate 10% of all gross sales to the Canadian Humane Society.

So not only are you buying the best furnace filter on the market, you are also making a statement that you support the Canadian Humane Society. We believe it is a great cause and we are very proud to support out furry friends.

Buying an ECO-FILTER is great for families that own pets as it greatly reduces pet dander in the air, this will also reduce the amount of pet hair that accumulates in your carpets, upholstery and furniture.

Order an ECO-FILTER today, its a win-win for the environment, your family and for the animals cared for by the Canadian Humane Society.